About South Coast Journeys

About South Coast Journeys and Eco-Tourism

South Coast Journeys is a privately owned, family-run business investing in the future of South Coast NSW, its communities and businesses, and is proudly run by locals.

To be the premier eco-tourism company on the South Coast we are undertaking the eco-Certified – Nature Tourism, accreditation process, which gives you the peace of mind that on our tours, you are experiencing nature at its best, learning a little bit about these environments and at the same time travelling lightly, with minimal impact on this great part of the planet we share.

We are not a large coach tour! We use a smaller eco-friendly diesel operated Toyota Hiace, which ensures you will get to know everyone on the tour and you are not just another tourist! (Read our Blog)

Just because we enjoy & care about the environment doesn’t mean you will go hungry! After completing a surfing session, a snorkelling experience or a relaxing swim, we guarantee you will be ready for one of our wrap ‘N’ rolls (where you build your own fresh wrap and bread roll with a choice of meats, cheese, salads and condiments!).

Sydney’s Snorkel Explorer Tour includes an Aussie style BBQ, where there will be no shortage of delicious steak, chicken, fish, vegetarian/vegan options, fresh salads, bread to choose from. Local organic food will be sourced when available and other foods will be chosen with minimal external wrappings.

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